Support The Museum

The International Police Museum of Southern California, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit  organization.  The museum operates primarily from generous donations from our visitors.

Admission to the museum is free.  Donations are welcomed and a donation box is available at the entry/exit.

Unless identified for a specific project by the donor, all cash donations are used toward museum operations, purchase of display cases, mannequins, frames, etc.

Museum Staff and Board Members are unpaid volunteers.

Donors of a minimum of $100.00 are recognized on  a Police Rank Scale from “Police Officer “ through” Chief” and may work their name up through the ranks with annual donations.



sergeant150Donation Level:

$1,000 +

Senior Officer

srofficer150Donation Level:

$500 +

Police Officer

Pofficer150Donation Level

$100 +


Pamela F. Berryman Joann B. Sincoff Jack Zagha
Paula K. Berryman Stuart Cannold Wolfgang V. Kupka
J.Vern Yandell Paul Catani
H.P. Automotive & Tow
James & Irene Dorsey